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Hello Guys, if u are a gamer or you like to play computer games more than doing anything else than get ready because this blog is for you. If you are a gamer and I ask you about the best gaming laptop you want or you have used for the best gaming experience then it will most probably none other than Alienware. I hope most of you guys are aware of this giant monster in the gaming laptop world but if you are not aware than don’t worry, here I came with DELL ALIENWARE AREA 51M.  This laptop is the latest version launched by Alienware, this laptop offers you many things which makes it’s special. Let’s explore the features of ALIENWARE AREA 51M.

Alienware Area 51-m

Dell Alienware Area 51M Specifications:


The design of this laptop is so different from other gaming laptops. The laptop is made up of magnesium alloy with the Alienware logo on the upper lid. The model number is also printed on the upper lid and that another attention-seeking point. 

Logo and Model number

The section it offers you is not like your traditional laptop. On the left side, you will get Thunderbolt 3 port, USB 3.1 Type-A port, Type-C port, microphone socket, 3.5 mm audio interface and On the right side, you will get two Type-A ports. On the backside, you will get the most number of sockets, HDMI port, ethernet port, Alienware Graphics Amplifier port, and two charging port.

The only thing that is not present in this giant monster is that there is no SD card slot

All ports of Area 51-m

Alienware Area 51m is available in two colours 

  • Lunar white 
  • Space Grey
Alienware Area 51m color variants
Color variations

The weight of this laptop is 3.87 kg ( around 4 kg , with both the adapter it will weight around something 6 kg ) . The dimension is 40.2 cm x 31.9 cm x 31.2 mm . It’s not easy to carry from one place to another because of it’s heavy weight and two big adapters .


Area 51-m has 17.3 inches display and IPS panel that bears FHD resolution with a refresh rate of 144Hz. You will not get any problem in viewing from different angles, and the brightness is also perfectly balanced. It offers you gaming experience in 1080 pixels which is very good. 

Front view of Area 51-m


Below the Alienware written you will find Tobii eye-tracking which is found in most of the Alienware flagship. There is a sensor that tracks where you are looking on the screen and focuses on that part of the screen ( if needed ).

Tobii Eye Tracker in Area 51-m
Tobii Eye Tracker


The keyboard is improved by alienware it’s got 2.2 mm actuation which means this keyboard is very quick for doing tasks . The keyboard is not just good for gaming but aslo for writing mails , browsing and doing other tasks. 

Dell Alienware Area-51m  backlight keyboard
Keyboard of Area 51-m


It’s a kind of standard Alienware touchpad . It has dedicated hardware buttons , window precision drivers . You have full control of lighting in software and LED – illuminated trackpad draws your attention whenever you use it . 

Alienware Area-51m touchpad
Touchpad of Area 51-m


The operating system you get in this is Window 10 Pro . It has 3.6 Ghz Intel-core i9-9900K processor,  it’s the desktop-grade Intel Z390 chip with a TDP of 95W, letting you get the turbo clock speed of up to 5GHz . It also provide 32 GB RAM which never  makes it slow . Alienware Area 51 m gets the non-Max Q variant of the NVIDIA RTX 2080 graphics card , which is best GPU currently and makes this laptop more attractive .

The best part of this laptop is that it is upgradable , brand claims that it can meets the needs of next five years . You can open this laptop on your own with a simple screwdriver as it is designed in such way. You can add a RAM or update graphic card and do many more updates .

Area 51-m
Lower Lid removed of Area 51-m


There is two AC adapter socket for two different adapters, one of 330W and another of 180W. You need both these adapters to run this at his full performance ( you can use one adapter also to use it but that will not allow you to run this at its full performance ). Thus, because of it’s higher power consumption the battery life is only one and a half hours. When both the adapter is plugged in it can reach 10 to 100 in two hours.

Alienware Area-51m dual adapter

I find it laptop very good but in some manners, it is a little bit disappointing and that is you cannot carry this everywhere with you, very short battery life and obviously it’s price will be very high.

Alienware Area51m starts at Rs 2,99,590.

That’s all for this . I hope you liked it . please comment and let me know which feature of this giant monster impressed you.

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