Mi Band 4 with 20 days battery life

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Xiaomi launched Mi Band 4 in an event in China and this is going to be launch in India very soon. Mi Band 4 has so many new features, better display, and improved battery life. The main highlight of this band is the avenger edition. The Mi Band 4 Avenger edition is especially for those who are real marvel fans. So without wasting time, let us start exploring its features that you should know before buying it.

Mi Band 4 in India
Mi Band 4

Display: Mi Band 4 has a 0.95-inch color AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 120 x 240 pixels which has been improved from previous Mi Band and 2.5 D glass protection on the top ( previous Mi Band has 0.78 inch OLED display with a screen resolution of 80 x 128 pixels ).

Features: Mi Band 4 has a built-in microphone to enable voice command features, this feature allows you to send voice command to the compatible connected device. There is a six-axis accelerometer which monitors physical activities such as cycling, swimming, walking, running. You can also make payment using Mi Band 4, you just need to swipe the screen to show QR code and other same features as mi bands.

Mi Band 4 Avenger edition

Battery: Mi Band 4 provides you 135 mAh battery which lasts 20 days in a single charge ( claimed by the brand ).

Other specs: Mi Band 4 tracks the steps you walked, sleep quality, heart rate, number of hours you slept. It can be used to find a phone , change music, manage calls.

Price: The price range of Mi Band 4 is from Rs. 1700 to 3500 ( For Mi Band 4 Avenger Edition).

That’s all for this. I hope this blog helped you in knowing the features of Mi Band 4.

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