Blaupunkt BH-21, with 24 hours battery life

Blaupunkt is a German company, which launched its Bluetooth headphones in India called Blaupunkt BH-21. The special ability of this headphone is that it connects can with 2 devices at once. So, let us start exploring its features.

Design :

Blaupunkt BH-21 is made up of ABS plastic and it’s over the ear design is so comfortable that you can hear songs for a long time without any problem and once you use this headphone you will get isolated from the noise .

On the ear cup you will get physical buttons for answering calls , volume up/down and media playback . There is one special button is also present on the ear cup and by clicking that you can switch between Blaupunkt Music mode or Turbo base mode .

Blaupunkt BH-21  headphone side buttons

Specifications :

Blaupunkt is featured with Bluetooth v5.0. You can use it as wired/ wireless headphones as by your mood, you will get an auxiliary cable with it. As I already said that this headphone features with 40 mm drivers in each ear cup, which allow it to connect with two devices at once. The frequency range of this is 20-20,000 Hz

 Blaupunkt BH-21 HD sound


Blaupunkt BH-21 has 500mAh battery , company claims that if it is fully charged it can give 24 hours battery life .

 Blaupunkt BH-21 24 hours battery life
Blaupunkt BH-21 battery

Price : It will cost you Rs.2,999.

That’s all for this . I hope you find my blog useful . If you have any question regarding this ask in comment section .

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