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MailChimp – Email Marketing Tool for free, Full Guide

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Blogging is not only about writing blogs and publishing it on your portal. Blog promotion is also an important step in growing your website. For beginners, it is difficult to make their post reach to several peoples so it becomes necessary for them to promote their blog. E-mail marketing is the best way of promoting blog posts.

There are several email marketing tools that you can use for promoting your blog. But they charge some amount for money, and for beginners, it is difficult to bear that cost. So, here I am helping you by giving a free alternative for blog promotion.

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MailChimp – Email Marketing Tool

MailChimp- Email marketing tool, this is the best marketing tool. It helps your subscribers to never miss a blog which you publish on your website/portal.

Why MailChimp, not any other E-mail marketing tool?

There are so many other tools and plugins that you can add on WordPress site for E-mail marketing but Mailchimp is something different. For other plugins like Newsletter, you have to spend some amount of money to send emails about your new blog to your subscribers.  But when you go with MailChimp there is an option for free E-mail marketing. Later in this blog, we will tell you how you can send e-mails without spending money, so read this till the end.

What is the need of using an E-mail marketing tool?  

Well, as earlier said E-mail marketing is a strategy to reach out to several people. This will increase your blog reach and engagement. Also, bring traffic to your website and help you in increasing your Google ranking.

So, now the question arises How to do E-mail marketing for free?

Here I am sharing a full guide on How to use MailChimp for sending e-mails to your subscribers for free of cost.  

Step wise procedure to access MailChimp

Step 1: Visit (or Click Here).

The page shown below will appear on your laptop/pc. (You can also do this on your smartphone but Laptop or Desktop are preferred more)

MailChimp - Email Marketing Tool Welcome page

Step 2:  On the top right corner you will see the Sign-up free option. Click on that.

Step 3: A “Welcome” page appears on your screen. There you have to fill your details such as Email, username, and password.

MailChimp-Email Marketing Tool Login

After filling all the details you have to click on Sign-up option.

Note: On the right of the Sign-up option you will see a dialog box. You have a check that dialog box if you don’t want any update about MailChimp product. special prices, and best practices.

Step 4: After clicking on Sign-up, MailChimp will send you a mail. The mail consists of the activation button. You have to click on the Activate account button to activate your account.

MailChimp -Email Marketing Tool- Account avtivation

Step 5: After clicking on Activate account, you have to confirm that your are not robot ;-).

MailChimp -Email Marketing Tool- confirmations

Step 6: Now the most important step, Select the plan you want for your MailChimp account.

As we want to do it free of cost so we will select the plan with zero investment. Click on the last option. (The plans are as such shown below in pic.)

What is major difference between paid plans and free plan?

There are some limitations with the free account. You can only add or import 2000 contacts and initially, you don’t have any contacts. In the paid plans there are no limitations on a number of contacts imported and you will also get 500 contacts from MailChimp which help you in reaching more peoples.

MailChimp -Email Marketing Tool plans

Step 7: After to complete your purchase you have to Set up your account.

Setting up Mailchimp Account

Step 1.1: In the very first step you have to enter your first name and last name:

(As shown in the pic below.)

MailChimp -Email Marketing Tool- Account setup

In other steps of account setup you have to enter following information

Step 1.2: Now you have to enter your business name and website URL ( if your business have any website)

MailChimp - tell us about your business

Step 1.3: In this step, you have to enter the address of your business. Make sure to enter your address correctly, as this address will be displayed in your mail which you send to your subscribers

MailChimp -add your address

Step 1.4: In this step you have to select whether you have any contact list or not. If yes you can import it.

MailChimp - import contacts

Step 1.5: In the last step you have to tell which type of service and offer you provide. (You can skip this step if you don’t find anything relevant to your website).

MailChimp -Email Marketing Tool- offers you provide

Now your MailChimp account is ready to use. You are ready to go. You have to click on the Let’s Go button on the bottom.

MailChimp -Account ready to use

Now you have to create an e-mail for your subscribers and for that there are so many templates and also you have to import contact.

Benefits of using MailChimp (free account)

Even if you are using a free MailChimp account you will get enough resources.

  • You will get mail tracking report
  • Upload 2000 contacts
  • You can insert your social media links in the mail.

This is all for Mailchimp – Email marketing Tool. Share with your friends who have started blogging and want to grow the reach of their website.

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