What is Backlink? Full Guide, 2020

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There are around 200 factors that Google goes through for ranking a page in search results. But the good thing is that we don’t have to understand all the factors to rank our blog or website in the search results. There are some major factors such as Keyword, SEO friendly content, Email alerts (or promotions), and Backlinks that plays an important role in ranking a website.

In today’s blog, we are going to understand What is Backlink and where we can check them and how to get more of them. And also know which type of backlink is favored by search engines and upvote your website in search results.

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What is Backlink?

backlink builder for beginners

A backlink is simply linking one page or website with another page or website. Google use backlink as a sign of “trust”. If your page has more backlinks that means people trust your content and Google upvote that content and make your page or content rank on the first page of search results.

There is a little confusion in peoples that if they link their page with someone else page then will they get the backlink?

So here is a simple answer, If somebody links his page with your’s then you will get a backlink and if you link your page to someone else then he will get the backlink.

Example: Website A has an external link to Website B. That means website B has a backlink from Website A.

image source: Moz.com

Creating backlink is really important?

Well, as I mentioned in the first paragraph that Google use backlinks as a major factor in ranking page or website in the search result. Having more number of backlinks on your website makes more chances of a page or website to rank on Google.

Another important factor that backlinks promote is “Traffic”. If you take backlink from some high traffic page than there will be more chance that they will click on the link and visit your blog or website. Resulting in high traffic.

Types of Backlinks

Generally backlinks are of two types- “DoFollow” and “NoFollow”.

“NoFollow” links are not that useful and don’t have any important role in improving ranking and SEO.  One of the best examples of NoFollow backlink is “Blog Comment”. When you comment on the blog and add your website then it acts as NoFollow backlink. This backlink is considered as an ignored link.

Google and other search engine generally ignores “NoFollow” backlink.

“DoFollow” links are important. They help in improving SEO and improving the ranking of the page. Everybody wants these types of links but sometimes these links can also have a bad effect on your site. DoFollow backlink from a site that has violated Google policy will have a bad effect on your site and will increase your spam score.  

How to check backlinks?

Checking backlinks and maintain high-quality backlinks are also a necessary task to do. For checking backlinks there are so many paid and unpaid tools that one can use. Google Search Console, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, ahrefs are some of the tools.

For checking backlinks in Google Search Console, follow the steps

Step 1: Login to your Google Search Console

Step 2: On the left sidebar you will see the option labeled as “Links”. Click on that.

links section under google search console

Step 3: On the top of the page there will be “External Link”. In this section, you can three sub-sections as:

backlinks in Google search console

Top linked pages – In this section you can see the top linked pages that are providing backlinks to you.

Top linking sites – In this section you will get list of all the websites that are providing you backlinks.

Top linking texts – In this section you will get to know the particular words or texts on which your site is linked.

Under each section you will get “more” button. Click on “more” to get list of all the backlinks details.

Step 4: You can also see the top linked sites below the “External Link” section.

It is important to check the backlink because if you take backlink from someone who has violated Google rules or used toxic ways to improve their website SEO than Google will penalize them and this will also affect your website as you have taken a backlink from the. So, it’s better to choose someone trusted and with less spam score to make backlinks.

One high-quality backlink is more helpful in increasing SEO than 100 low-quality backlinks.

How to get backlink?

Getting a backlink is a quite difficult task. And if you are new to this then you have to earn them.

There are following ways you can do to get backlinks:

  • You should write truly useful content so that it ranks on Google Search results. When your content ranks on Google search results then people link their site with you to increase their ranking. You can also promote your content on social media and get a backlink from there.
  • Try to write “How to” contents which is useful to peoples. “How to” contents are more backlinks deriving factors for any website or blog.
  • Do guest posting on other’s site.
  • Finding dead-links on other’s websites is also a way:  You can find dead-links on other’s websites and after that try to reach the blog owner and ask them to replace that dead-link with your active link.
  • Checkout your content which is ranking on Google and update them and add more details to them.
  • You can also create backlink for yourself by Blog Commenting ( even though they are “no-follow” backlinks )
  • You can also directly email other blog owners for linking your blog to their similar posts. Here I am sharing a format of how to approach other bloggers for a backlink. (This format is on the basis of mails that  have received for backlinks)

Mail Format

Hi Alok,

I came across your article here ______________( (example: https://www.thetechanalysis.com/2020/04/29/google-keyword-planner-for-free/) and found it to be insightful and well done.

I’m reaching out to you today because we wrote a few articles on ______________ (for example:  marketing and SEO or smartphone and gadgets)

We love to support business owners with valuable information and I think your users would find our articles to be educational. We would really appreciate it if you could link to one of our articles above.

In exchange and as a thank you for linking to one of our articles, we would be happy to offer you a guest post on our blog or give you a do-follow backlink.

Please let me know if that’s something you would like or if you have any questions!

Best Regards,

Your Name

You can use this format for reaching out to someone who has trusted articles in which you are willing to link your blog/website.

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