Blog promoting strategies for beginners

How to promote blog, Full Guide for beginners, 2021

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Promotions play a vital role in your initial stage of growth. Through promotion, you can make people aware of your website or YouTube channel. Promotion makes people know about the content that you publish on your portal. Here I am sharing some tips on “How to promote blog” that will surely help you in promoting your blog without spending money.

But before that one of my favorite quotations by David Sinik – “There are tons of different factors that go into ranking well, but the biggest is a high-quality link“.

Publish a blog and share it on your social media handles

Social Media is the biggest advertising and promotional tools that one can use to promote their article. It can be paid or free of cost as per the user’s decision.

You can promote your blog on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and many other social platforms.

Note: Publish your article on your official social media handles and tag your friends and family. Also, share your blog with your professional account which you use for monitoring your business.  

Promote your content on Facebook

Facebook is nowadays is one of the most used social media platforms for business purposes. There is a perfect time of a day to share blogs or an article on Facebook. According to research the perfect time to post a blog is between 1 to 4 pm. Post that is shared on Monday is less engaging than post shared on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So if you want more engagements on your Facebook post then try to post more articles on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between the time period of 1 to 4 PM.

How to promote blog on facebook with perfect timing
Best time to post on Facebook

You can run ads on Facebook and select audience and target a particular age group and place for your promotion. You can also select whether you want people to visit your portal and read your article or just promote your page.

Note: Facebook is cost-efficient, as you can reach 2 to 3 thousand people is just 80 INR. *The price may vary in other countries.

Promote your content on Instagram

After Facebook, you can use Instagram to promote your blog. You can run ads on Instagram and use paid promotions or contact Instagram Influencers to promote your blog. While uploading any post related to your blog on Instagram make sure you use the correct hashtag. Hashtag plays an important role in targeting the Instagram audience. If you don’t use the hashtag correctly than your post may reach to wrong audience and it will decrease your profile visit which on further decrease visit to your site from Instagram.

According to research the perfect time to upload a post is between 11 to 1 AM and 7 to 9 PM. Post that is shared on Tuesday is less engaging than post shared on Thursday, Wednesday, and Monday. So if you want more engagements on your Instagram post then try to post more articles on Monday, Thursday, and Wednesday between the time period of 11 to 1 in morning and 7 to 9 in the night.

How to promote blog on Instagram
Best time to post on Instagram (image source: Oberlo)

You can add 30 hashtags to one post so make sure to add all those hashtags. 10 popular hashtags for post related to technology, smartphones, or any other techy accessories are given below:

#technology #tech #gadgets #techgeek #innovation #update #instatechie #techie #design #science

Promote your content on Twitter

Twitter is used for sharing ideas and thoughts with other at a broader level. If you go with the twitter trend that your post reach more than your expectancy. So before posting a tweet just make sure to check the trending topics, if your tweet fits in any of the trending tweet hashtags than it is must for you add that particular tag in your tweet.

Best time to promote tweet on twitter
Best time to post on Twitter (image source: Oberlo)

According to research the perfect time to upload a post is between 12 to 1 pm. Post that is shared on Sunday and Saturday are less engaging than post shared on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday . So if you want more engagements on your Instagram post then try to post more articles on days other then weekends between the time period of 12 to 1 PM.

*You can also run sponsered tweets as per your opinion.

Include New Topics in your Article

It doesn’t matter whether you are a tech blogger or a fashion blogger or you have any other niches. Covering new topics is always an important and essential aspect for getting more organic clicks and get at the top of search results.

If you are a fashion blogger then you must know that people often search for newly designed dresses and if you publish such article and share it on social media than it will get more engagements. Same as, if you are a tech blogger and mainly cover laptops than covering upcoming laptops and newly launched laptops will increase your engagements as well.

Make use of charts/graphs or some interesting images  

If I give you a book for reading in which there are no images than you find it boring and end up leaving that book and switch to some other book that has interesting pictures, the same happens with the blog. If your blog is simple and doesn’t contain any images or graphs than people find it boring and switch to some other site.

Using charts and graphs to promote blog
Using Graphical visuals for attention

I am not saying that images are more important than content, but images and graphs develop the interest of the reader and don’t let them feel bored.

Note: Try to add graphs and pie charts in your blog for showing numbers because images are common and the reader finds it easy to understand when you use such pictorial representations.

Use Quotations

Quotation plays a major aspect of the blog. People get motivated and enjoy reading your blog when they see something which they find connected to their experience, emotions, and thoughts. So make sure to use quotes in your blog.

Some quotations for blogger or writers are:

  • “Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your reader.” – Brain Clark
  • “Where the information is about availability of information , blogging is about making information creation available to anyone.” – George Siemens

Create video content

If possible then try to make videos related to your content that you are publishing on your portal. Contents that have videos included in their article are more engaging. The reason for this engagement is people find it easy to watch a video and gather information from it rather than reading an article of 2 to 3 thousand words.

Also, make small videos that you can add on your IGTV. This helps you to engage the Instagram audience and eventually leads to more clicks to your sites.

Note: If you include videos on your website, then there are very high chances that every visitor to your website must watch the video. This will help you to increase in session duration time and less Bounce rate. 

Do Guest Posting

Guest posting is the best way to promote your content. When you do guest posting you also get a backlink and a high-quality backlink boost your site in many ways.

How to promote blog by doing guest posting

If you have so many high-quality backlinks on your sites for a particular page or article then Google ranks that article in search results. And that will help you in getting more organic traffic. You will also get traffic from other sites you have linked your content on their page.

So it is important that you must write blogs or articles that are trustworthy and cover every aspect of that topic so that the reader doesn’t have to go anywhere else for any other query regarding that topic. And once you do that people will link your article with theirs.

For free guest posting visit, Click Here

Sponsored Messages

Sending messages regarding new offers that you are publishing on your portal will increase traffic to that particular blog of your’s. While sending those sponsored message make sure to add more than one link of yours.

Ask partners to promote your blog

Ask your affiliates and partners to promote your blog by sharing that particular on their social media handles. If you are an individual than you can ask your friends and other family members to help you in promoting your blog.

Promoting blog by promoting with partners account
Ask partners to share blog on their social media handles

If so many people share your blog on their social media handle than it will reach to every kind of people and also convert audience for you.

E-mail Marketing

You must include a newsletter on your website. So that if a person finds your articles useful for them, they can subscribe to your portal and get a mail when you publish a new article.

So many people use E-mail marketing tools but didn’t get that much traffic, why?

  1. While doing E-mail marketing make sure you upgrade your list and increase number of people in your list. People generally don’t upgrade their list that’s why they didn’t get that much traffic.
  2. There is also a perfect time to send these mails to peoples. If you send this mail to someone while he/she is busy in his/her office work then they surely ignore your mail. So you have to find perfect time to send mails to your subscribers.

Now the question arises,

How to find the perfect time to send E-mails?

So for this you don’t have to do anything. There are a lot of research is done on this. The given graph shows you the best time to send mails.

As per the graph data time between 8AM to 10AM is best and most of the emails sent in this time period are opened.

Best time to send E-mails through Email marketing tool
  • The second graph shows perfect day to send email. Email sent on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday perform better than emails sent on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Another mistake that people do is they add more visuals than text in their mail. More visuals make your mail look good but this will not help you to convert your audience. Keep your mail simple and add you social links in them. If possible add a button through which people can share that post directly on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media handle.
  • Another important point that people miss is – they send mail only once. If you want to convert you audience then you have send that mail more than once. A research showed that only 30%* mails are opened when sent for the first time.
Best time to resend mails (image source: CoSchedule)

 Note: Most of the email marketing tools are paid and you have to spend some amount of money to get access to them. But fortunately, we have also found a freeway of email marketing.

To know more about that read our blog on MailChip- A free Email-marketing tool

Use Blogging Forums

Blogging Forum are best way to promote your blog. There you can give answers to the questions that people ask and in those questions you can add your link (only if you think that link will be related to their question).

Identify old contents

That are performing very well

As we all know things are getting changed every second. All information that we find useful today gets old tomorrow and then frequently replaced by a new one. Un-useful data must be removed or should be replaced by new and useful data.

You should update your blogs that are performing well because those information in your blog may get old and people will not find it useful anymore.If your blog contain list then you should update that list time to time. As for example: If you have created a list of “Top 10 smartphones of 2018” and your that blog is performing very well then you should change that list as per the new smartphones arrive in the market. If you fail in doing that then your blog will eventually get no traffic to your site even though once it was the most traffic driving blog for you.

So it is important to monitor which blog is performing well and updating it.

Note:  There so many tools which you can use to monitor which of your Keyword is performing well in search results. You can try SEMrush as it sends daily reports of position change of your keyword.

That are not performing well

There might be some content on your portal that are not performing well or not performing as per your expectancy. Find out those blogs and make some changes to them add some more information and upgrade them. After upgrading them publish it on your social media handles and do it for one week. After one week see the report of the that blog If that blog is still not performing well than you might be using wrong keyword for that blog. Try to rank that blog on some other keyword.

For finding best Keyword – Read our blog on How to access Google Keyword Planner for free.


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