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How to use your smartphone as WebCam

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Want to attend your video calls, online classes on your desktop but you don’t have a webcam or your laptop’s webcam is not working properly? What will you do in such a type of circumstance? Going to buy a new webcam and setup with your desktop?

Well for your kind information a Logitech webcam has a starting cost of Rs. 699 and if you want HD quality then you have to spend Rs. 2,500. But, wait a minute what if I tell you that you can have an HD quality webcam without spending a single rupee. Yes, you have read it right you don’t have to purchase a new webcam because you already have one, the device which you carry along with you whole day, and do all your essential stuff using it. It is non-other than your smartphone. You can use your smartphone as a portable webcam which can give you a high-quality video calling experience on a bigger screen.

Using smartphones as webcam.

This will the easiest and flexible way for anyone to convert their smartphone into a portable webcam. (for Android smartphones)

Minimum Requirement: Android Smartphone, Computer, and a common Wifi with which both smartphone and computer will be connected.

Note: Make sure that your android smartphone and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.  

Now follow these steps:

Step 1: There are so many apps on PlayStore that you can download to configure your android smartphone as a portable webcam. But the one I will discuss here is “IP WebCam”. Click and Install IP WebCam.

Step 2: After installing, open app. Configure screen appear.

IP WebCam. Convert Smartphone to webcam
Configuration page

Step 3: Now you have to configure setting of the apps according to your use.

Step 4: After configuring your setting, click on the “Start Server” option. This will be the last option on the configuration screen.

When you click on the Start Server button your phone opens your camera. On the top left corner there will be an option as “How do I Connect” and on the top left corner, there will be a button named “Action”. In the lower middle of the screen, there will be the IP address of your phone which you have to enter on the Google search bar to have access to your phone on your computer. Either you can click on the “How do I connect” option which is on the top right corner and then do as mentioned below:

How do I connect -> Connect directly -> I am using Wi-fi router.

After this, an info page will appear then will guide you in connecting your phone to the computer as a webcam.

This is all you have to do to use smartphone as webcam and its free of cost.                                                            

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