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How to download MovieHD app and stream 50,000+ content for free

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Every day new movies and TV shows are streaming online on OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon prime, and Disney Hotstar. If we bundle up all and make a rough figure of how much a person needs to spend on these OTT platforms’ subscription for a year is around ~Rs.3700 (this is the minimum cost and there will be some limitations on picture quality also).

But what if I tell you that you can stream over 50,000+ contents with 20+ categories and with no such limitations in picture quality and without spending a single rupee. Didn’t believe me? Read our full article to get your answers.

Before the ending of this article, I can assure you of one thing, that is if you follow my instruction for the next 5 minutes you can have access to all those 50,000+ content for free.

So now let us begin.

There is a mobile application named MovieHD, this app has all those 50,000+ contents which it provides you for free.

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I know you have so many questions like how to install this app? What is the procedure to download this app? Is there anything else we have to do after downloading this app?

So, let us start us with download and installing of MovieHD app.

How to download MovieHD App

So you don’t have to go anywhere for downloading this app, just click on the download button here – Download MovieHD

(Swipe down on the page and click on the first download link, your download will start automatically).

Now follow the steps:

  • When your downloading of the file is complete, just do one thing before installing it.
  • Before installing this App you have to enable download from an unknown source and to do this follow the given instruction given below.
  • Go to Setting –> Click on security option –> Enable download from an unknown source.
  • Then click on the Install button.
  • Now MoviesHD app is installed on your android smartphone.

Also download AMPlayer on your Android smartphone (it is available on the play store, you can download this application from there).

How to start streaming content

For streaming you need an Activation Code, without an activation code, your app will not start. So here is the procedure for getting the Activation Code.

  • After installing the MovieHD app, Open it.
  • It will ask for media access. (It is not compulsory to allow so you can deny media permission as per your own opinion).
  • After that, it will ask you to log in, choose one of your emails from your phone for login. (If possible make a new email id and login with that).
  • After login, Click on the menu bar which is on the top left side of the app. Swipe down -> Click on Active Code -> Click on Get Code.
  • A chrome tab will appear, again Swipe down -> Click on Get Activation Code for free -> enter your email id and password -> your activation code is generated -> Copy Activation Code -> Go back to MoviesHD app -> Click on Active Code-> Paste your Activation Code -> Your App is Ready to Use.
Procedure to get activation code of MoviesHD

Best Feature Of MovieHD

If you are watching a movie or TV show on your smartphone you can watch that on your laptop too. For that you have to just click on the wifi symbol which is on the top bar and after that you will get a IP address. Copy that address and paste it on your search bar. Now you can watch your video on your laptop.

Screen sharing of MovieHD app


These all are not necessary but still recommended from our side:

  • Don’t allow media access to MovieHD application.
  • Use your email which is not in use or make new one.
  • Don’t share your activation code wit others, it is limited to one code one user.

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