FAU-G is the tough competitor of PUBG in 2021?

The most awaited game FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards) is now available on playstore. People can install FAU-G on their smartphones and enjoy it. More than 5 million registrations have been done for FAU-G.

FAU-G is now available on playstore
FAU-G is available on Google playstore

FAU-G was released on 26th January 2021 on the auspicious occasion of Republic Day.

Origin of FAU-G

The game was announced in mid-November after the ban was imposed on PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround) by the Indian Government due to security reasons. PUBG has around 33 Million active users in India and after its ban, people shifted to so many alternatives such as Free Fire and Call of Duty but none of them was able to replace PUBG. Later on, developers decided that they will make an Indian Origin game with a real-life story to replace PUBG and then FAU-G was introduced in India.

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FAU-G (Fearless and United -Guards)

FAU-G is now available on Playstore. It is not only an Indian origin game but it also has an Indian battleground theme.

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It has a theme of Galwan valley and you can customize your avatar as a soldier as per your choice. FAU-G is not only a game it will make an Indian realize how their soldiers stay at such places and live their life. It has amazing graphics and an amazing story-line.

In-Game Experience

When you start the game nCore (developer of FAU-G) logo will appear on screen. Then you can choose either “PLAY” or “STORE”.

Store Features

In-store you can select your weapon (Club, Axe, Pipe). No guns are available for now but they will be available later on. You can also purchase tokens from the store to buy new characters or weapons. The best part of this game is, whenever you make any purchase from the store the 20% of the amount will be contributed to “BHARAT KE VEER”. So you can play and help our soldiers too.

20% of the amount will be contributed to “BHARAT KE VEER”

Playing Modes

There are three modes in FAU-G, “CAMPAIGN”, “TEAM DEATHMATCH”, FREE FOR ALL”, but for now only “Campaign” is available. The rest two modes are ‘coming soon’.

When you select ‘Campaign’ mode you will enter the game and a story will be narrated to you, the whole plot is so interesting that you can’t skip that part. The best part is that the whole story is narrated in Hindi with such great aggression that you will be full of vibe. In DeathMatch you can make your own team of 5 members and play with your friends.


Overall, the game is much more than expected. Developers have launched a base of FAU-G, the main highlights and features will be added per the response of the audience.

Now, it is the time to answer the most important question that everyone wants to know and the question is-

Is FAU-G better than PUBG?

Well, I will explain different aspects of both the games and leave the final decision to you because all of us have different points of view.

So many of you will say that there is nothing in FAU-G in comparison to PUBG. There are no guns and no multiplayer support. I agree with you on this point but the guns are disabled for now only. Later guns will be available and so as the multiplayer option.

PUBG needs a high-end processor and 1.5GB storage whereas FAU-G is supported in devices with Android v8 (Oreo) and needs around 500MB of storage.

So, FAU-G right now may not compete with PUBG. But when the other modes will open then it will be a tough competitor to PUBG.


  1. Informative article. I think faug needs more functionality other than story mode.

  2. I think FAU-G is a great game with a nice storyline. It is explained really well here keep up the good work 👍

    1. Nice article. Maybe FauG proves itself better.

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