Globale Media supports “Made in India” Apps as they witness huge boost amidst the new internet boom

Leading AI-based mobile advertising platform, Globale Media has stepped
up to support the Vocal for Local cause. In the last one year, the Indian app industry has grown
enormously, and Globale Media is all set to support Indian advertisers. Recently, the company
launched a new offering for app marketers, called Keyboard Search Ads. Apart from that, Globale
Media has a variety of offerings for the advertisers such as App recommendation on OEM channels,
Appography via P2P offline sharing apps, and exclusive placements with 100+ Top SDK partners.
This initiative is aligned with the government’s latest encouragement in developing homegrown tech
products and solutions as opposed to populating international alternatives. The push for a Made-in-
India ecosystem was made right after the ban of Chinese apps and the launch of Atmanirbhar Bharat
Innovate Challenge.
During a time when the mobile advertising industry is growing at a rapid pace, Globale Media has
taken an initiative to help hundreds of Indian apps to reach their target audience. Business and
productivity apps had 7.1 billion downloads in 2020. The shift was observed not just in the volume of
downloads but also in the type of apps that were downloaded. According to AppsFlyer’s recent
article, Gaming, e-Commerce, Health, and Media are booming verticals in the Indian app ecosystem,
with gaming apps being the new fad. The number of games played each month on average per user
has increased 35% over last year – the highest worldwide.
The app economy in India has surged because of a wave of increased internet and smartphone
Statista has predicted that over 500 million people in India will access the internet from mobile
devices by 2023. During this point of rapid market maturation, Globale Media’s opportunity comes
as a benefit to the Made in India app ecosystem.
Commenting on this, Mr. Bhavesh Talreja, Founder and CEO shared, “We are extremely happy to
announce that Globale Media is empowering Made-in-India apps and is replacing the monopoly of
international names. Amidst this second COVID wave, the Indian app ecosystem is seeing tremendous
growth and we are extending our support to the advertisers with our variety of offerings.”

Top app downloads by country, Q2 2020

Top app download in india

Source: Sensor Tower

Recently, the company has reported a 500% increase in revenue since last financial year. Globale
Media was recognized in the ‘Top 10 AdTech Start-ups of 2019’ that boosted its popularity amongst
Indian advertisers and owing to their relationships with OEM and SDK partners have been able
to provide app marketers with tremendous results.

About Globale Media:

Globale Media is one of the largest AI-driven mobile advertising platforms that support advertisers
aiming to reach their brand awareness and user acquisition goals. Through their direct partnerships
with top OEMs, publishers, and app developers, Globale Media creates unique experiences for app
marketers. They do it by ensuring 100% direct app traffic over mobile and OEMs utilizing their white-
label technology that predicts app users based on their profiles. Globale Media accelerates
enterprise growth by driving high-quality traffic to all major app verticals including gaming, e-commerce, lifestyle, utilities, social, education, entertainment, and others.

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