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Fitbit Fitness Tracker is one of the best fitness tracker which a fitness freak should use to monitor his/her health . Nowadays ,Fitbit is the best company for fitness tracker not only because of it’s feature but also for it’s design and ease of use. Fitbit launched Fitbit Inspire HR in April 2019 . So , let us start exploring it’s features .

Fitbit Inspire HR


Fitbit Inspire HR is slim , uniformly built and soft at the edges .It has OLED type display attach with silicon band which makes it comfortable to wear all the time (24×7) . You can manage what should be displayed on the fitness tracker screen. You can tab the screen once to activate screen and tab twice to turn off screen . Absence of color is the minus point of Inspire HR but this factor does not effect watching display experience even in bright sunlight .


Fitbit Inspire HR automatically detects which exercise – Swimming , Running or weight lifting – you are on to . It also helps you by guiding breathing sessions . You can also set alarm in it . You will get all your call and messages notifications on it’s screen but you cannot respond to them .

GPS is missing in this tracker so you have to carry your phone with you if you are planning for visiting some new place for running .


Fitbit claims that Inspire HR has 5 days battery backup in single charge . When it’s battery reaches 15% , it sends you notification to plug in charger . Fitbit Inspire HR get fully charged in 2 hours .

Price : Rs. 8,999

Fitbit Inspire HR Box

That’s all for this awesome and affordable fitness tracker. So if you are planning to buy a fitness tracker than please have a look on this . Ask any question regarding Fitbit Inspire HR in comment box .

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