Chinese apps and their best alternative that you must try

After the incident of Galvan Ghaati, China has crossed its limit. China has killed our 20 soldiers, which gave us a strong reason why should we boycott China and Chinese products.

Now its time for us to show what we can do for our nation. Every Indian should try to avoid the use of Chinese products and support “Make in India”. In the present time more than 70% of the smartphone market is covered with Chinese brands, so if you think than this will stop all of a sudden then you are wrong. I know it is not easy for anyone to stop using Chinese products but we can do it. We can avoid using Chinese products by finding some other alternative for them.

Banning of Chinese Products

Now some people will say that how we can avoid using Chinese products until or unless our own government doesn’t put a stop on incoming Chinese products?


If Chinese products are that much problem for India then why the Indian government doesn’t stop trading with china and ban Chinese products in India?

So for that, I will like to say that the government cannot do anything until the consumers don’t take action against that. Which type of product will stay and which type of product will not stay in the market is all up to the audience. If the consumers start finding an alternative for smartphones than the share of 70% Chinese smartphone will reduce automatically, the government doesn’t need to indulge in this. So every time we can’t blame the government for everything, there must be something which we should by our own.

For smartphone brands, there are some non-Chinese brands that we should promote. There are some Indian brands such as Micromax, Lava, which are trying to do a comeback in the Indian market by launching new smartphones and these may be used as an alternative for Chinese branded smartphones.

Even the apps which we use are also Chinese. There are some commonly used apps that generate huge revenue for China from India and we should stop that. We should find every best alternative for competing with Chinese apps. So the main motive of this blog is to share some most commonly used Chinese apps and alternatives to Chinese apps which may help you if you are promoting boycott Chinese products initiative.

Chinese Apps and alternatives to chinese apps
Commonly Used Chinese Apps

PubG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround)

PubG is the most online playing game in India, but this is Chinese app .

Alternative for PubG Mobile – Call of Duty or Garena Free Fire.

Shareit and Xender

Shareit and Xender are the most commonly used apps from transferring, files, photos and videos.

Alternative to Shareit and Xender – Files by Google ( It can used as gallery and cleaning junk files.)


CamsSanner is used for scanning files and making PDFs from photos.

Alternative to CamScanner – Adobe Scan, Microsoft Lens.


Even though now the Applocks are in-built in phones but if you still want to use Applock then you may go for its alternative.

Alternative to AppLock – Norton App Lock

Parallel Space

Parallel space is the app used to clone any one app which means you can use two WhatsApp in the same phone with different number

Alternative to Parallel Space – App Cloner

Club Factory and SHEIN

Club factory and SHEIN are e-commerce apps, you can purchase your daily usage products from them.

Alternative to Club Factory and SHEIN – Amazon and Flipkart


Tik-Tok has more than 2 billion downloads and India has more than 30% of these accounts.

Alternative to Tik-Tok – Bolo Indya and Roposo

UC Browser

UC Browser is commonly used for downloading movies and songs.

Alternative to UC Browser – Google Chrome


BeautyPlus is a camera app which you can use to add filter to your photo or edit your photos.

Alternative to BeautyPlus – B612 and Candy Cam

Viva Video

Viva video is a video editing and video creating app. One can add effects and add songs on background to your video.

Alternative to Viva Video – KineMaster

This is the list of some commonly used Chinese apps and alternatives to Chinese apps. Out of these apps Shareit, Xender, Tik-Tok, Club factory, and SHEIN are in the list on 52 apps that may leak your personal data ( according to Intel agencies). To see the full list, Click Here.

These alternatives to Chinese apps are not purely Indian, some of them are apps from the USA, but I am pretty much sure that in upcoming time we can have “Made in India” alternatives for these apps.

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