How to set up Mi Smart bulb ?

Mi has launched its Mi LED smart bulb in April 2019. This bulb has something around 16 million color variations and many more. So let’s explore its features.

design of Mi LED Smart bulb
Mi Smart Bulb

Design :

This bulb is also designed as a normal bulb but it is cross pattern exterior gives this bulb a gentle appearance and allows heat to get easily dissipated.

Appearance and Control:

This bulb has 16 million color variations. For every mood, his bulb has something for you. Its brightness can be adjusted between 80 to 800 lumens. This bulb has a build-in wifi system, so it’s get connected to your wi-fi and easily operated with your phone.

You can control this bulb by using your smartphone or by your giving voice command to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Power Consumption and Life span:

This bulb only requires 10W for shining at its maximum brightness and has a great life span of 25000 hours ( declared officially ), so if you use it 5 hours daily it’s life span becomes 13.5 years.

How to Set up Mi Smart bulb:

Mi LED Smart bulb setup procedure

First, this bulb has an E27 type socket whereas in India B22 type socket as used so you have to use the converter to get in fit in your normal bulb sockets.

Then install Mi home application and connect the bulb to wifi ( by using the application ).

Now your bulb ready to use, now according to your mood you can adjust colors of the bulb by using your phone.

That’s all for this Mi Smart LED Bulb, i hope it helped you.

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