How to upgrade your level in PubG faster than other players

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds commonly known as PUBG is the most playing online game in India. Approximately there are more than 4 crore active PubG users in India. PUBG is generally a survival game where 100 players are on the island and they have to find guns, bullets, scopes, bag-packs and etc. and kill all other players. The one you survive till last will be the winner of this game. Being a pro player in PUBG is a dream for some of the users. Here I will share a trick with you which will help you to upgrade your level faster than any normal PUBG user.

To upgrade your level faster than any other PUBG user follow these tips:


PubG level up bu taking headshot
Headshot in PubG

There are 100 players on a map and they have to kill each other and the one who survived till last will have WINNER-WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. Whenever you kill any other player try to get a headshot of that player. Taking headshot will increase your XP and this will further help you in increasing your level.

Stick to one Mode

Stick to one mode to level up fast in PubG
Different modes in PubG

As in PUBG, there are so three modes such as Classic, Arcade, and Evo-Ground. In Classic, there are four maps- Miramar, Erangel, Shanhok, and Vikendi. In Arcade mode, there is War, Mini-Zone, Quick match, and Sniper Training. Out of all these modes, playing in Classic mode will help you in increasing your level.

If you are not interested in playing classic mode then try to stick on one mode even it is Arcade mode or Evo-Ground.

More Kills

Try to get more kills. This will also help you in increasing your level.


Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner in PUbG

 While getting kills you have to be alert as this game is mainly a survival game you have to survive till last to win. Kills are not your priority in this game, your main focus is to survive as long as you can and win the game.

Device or Phone

This is the primary need for playing this game. If you play this game on a smartphone or on PCs then your device should be fully equipped with a processor and RAM. If your device will lag or show frame drops while you are playing this game then there are more chances of yours to die fast and this will be not good for your level up-gradation.

These are some tips which can help one to learn how to level up in PubG.

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